Welcome to Catiwinkel.com!
I'm updating my website because I don't just work with parents anymore! I help people like you figure out why things aren't working out for you, your family/kids, your career, your business, or even your health, and then we create a new reality during each session so life can be easier for you and your family! Here's a short list of the issues I've been able to support for the families I work with: --Trauma --Anxiety --Allergies --Fear --Bad luck --Money --Migraines --Pain --Control issues --Self worth --Anger --Frustration --Sleep --Memory --Patience --Relationships --Diet and exercise --And more! Want to know if your problem is "fixable?" Send an email to cati@catiwinkel.com and let's talk about what brought you to my site. Don't worry - I don't want to work with anyone who doesn't want to work with me so it's a no pressure, win/win situation for everyone! My calendar fills up fast! Contact me today so you can start making progress on those areas where you're feeling stuck. cati@catiwinkel.com