"Enjoy these years because the time goes by so fast..."

"There's nothing more rewarding than being a parent..."

"It's just a phase."

The truth is ... Parenting is HARD!

If you’re tired of feeling like nothing you’re doing is working,
struggling to get through to your kid and bargaining with them to listen,
and flat out exhausted from all the yelling and tantrums…
then you’re in the right place. 

Want to become a patient parent so you can stop yelling?

I can help.

While all of those sentiments may make you nod and smile as you try to be polite –

You’re secretly thinking…

Fast?! I feel like I’ve been listening to these tantrums for 2 lifetimes…

Rewarding? I wish I felt that way, but some days I can’t stand my kids…

A phase?! Are you kidding me? This has been happening for the last 3 years – when exactly is it supposed to end? 

And if you hear a variant of the above ONE MORE TIME you *might* just lose it
right in the middle of aisle 2.

While well-meaning family members, friends, and even strangers love to offer you sweet little sentiments and go on about how amazing children are,
they aren’t in the trenches with you.

They don’t see the “witching hour” that lasts all day, the fifth tantrum before noon because you won’t let your kids *insert dangerous, ridiculous thing here*, or the struggle you have every single time you open your mouth expecting your words to land on listening ears.

Those sweet little words won’t help you make it through the day.

In fact – they only make you feel WORSE.

Guilty that you aren’t enjoying this time.
Shame that you’re not killin’ this parenting thing.

Feeling like a failure because this parenting game isn’t all sunshine and rainbows
like you see on the cereal commercials on TV. 


Hi, I'm Cati Winkel.

I have worked with many families (starting with my own!) to help them become patient, set limits and stick to them, and learn how to respond instead of react. I help you create happy, healthy kids without constant power struggles, tears, or frustration.

Are you ready to start your journey toward becoming the parent you day-dreamed about while watching that sweet little baby sleep all those years ago?

Well, take a deep breath and join me!  


My coaching with Cati was deeply transformational from the first session. She was able to help me get really present and focus on what the root issues are in my relationship with my child.


Mom to 2.5-year old

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