Parenting. Ugh.

That’s not going so well for you right now, is it?

If only there was a book to tell you exactly what to do.

An instruction manual that the doctor hands you right after birth and says, 
“this has all the answers you’ll ever need.”

Except there are books.

Many books full of many different philosophies and more advice than you can ever read.

You should know, you’ve tried it all.

And you’re still stuck in this parenting prison feeling like a constant failure.

Why won’t my kid listen to me?

Why can’t I keep my cool and get this situation under control?

Why do other parents seem to have this thing figured out while I’m over here drowning?

The thoughts repeat endlessly as you go through the day just praying not to have to deal with the “witching hour” that lasts all day.

Can you imagine what it would be like if…

You open your mouth to speak and your kid listens. You don’t feel like you’re talking to the wall and you can say goodbye to begging and pleading with them to pay attention to what you’re saying.
You go through the day, parenting with ease without feeling like you’re losing your shit. You may have days when you have a little bit of temper because you’re only human but overall, you will feel capable of parenting without screaming, yelling, and having tantrums of your own.
You have the tools and knowledge you need to handle any situation that arises with your child in a calm, confident manner.
You no longer have to worry about pushing your child away or destroying the relationship through ineffective discipline because now you know how to related and understand your child on a deeper level and your bond only gets stronger with each encounter.
You’re able to talk about your parenting concerns and come up with solutions, while feeling empowered and confident. You no longer feel like you’re drowning or always putting out fires. You’ve become a grade-A problem solver.

Yes, you can experience all of that and MORE.

The only problem?

You don’t want to ask for help because you feel like you should be able to do it all.

You should have all the answers.

You should be supermom – juggling it all with a smile on her face.

The truth is? You don’t need to be supermom.

What you need is to give yourself a whole lotta grace…

Here’s the thing, mama…

Even Superman had help.

A cape and the ability to fly.
Super strength.
Super speed.
X-ray and heat vision…

You get the picture.

And even though he was indeed Superman and could save the world…
He was still powerless against Kryptonite.

And for you, right now?

Parenting is like your Kryptonite.

Nothing can weaken you more or cause you to lose your cool faster than a kid throwing a tantrum or not listening.

But unlike Superman, you can beat this.

Because I’m going to help.

Hi, I’m Cati Winkel..

I’m The Empowered Parent Coach, and I help parents learn to be patient so they can stop yelling.

I help parents just like you get out of the trenches, stop the tantrums, and live happily and peacefully with their children (most of the time).

My coaching with Cati was deeply transformational from the first session. She was able to help me get really present and focus on what the root issues are in my relationship with my child.I was able to empathize with my child and move us through the situation more quickly, and we both had a better day and a lot more fun because of it. I no longer feel frustrated or think I’m a failure as a parent when things aren’t going well. Cati gave me the tools to see the situation as an opportunity to teach my child by my reactions. I’m so thankful to not feel alone in this! Sarah

Mom to 2.5-year old

You became a parent to enjoy raising this tiny human, sharing your values, and have all of these wonderful experiences together. Am I right?

I don’t think power struggles, tantrums, and tears of defeat were in your parenting plan.

The good news is they don’t have to continue to be.

Let me tell you a secret – that moment when you finally get through to and bond with your child on a deeper level? It’s like giving birth. You can imagine how amazing and wonderful it is but when it actually happens, it’s so, so much better than you expected… and it’s worth all the pain and tears it took to finally reach that moment.

I still remember that very moment when I realized something was finally working and Penny, my (very spirited) oldest, finally started responding to me in the ways I always hoped. I want you to experience that too. Don’t you?

Ready to quiet the tantrums and start working with your kids to get the behavior you want?

Because there isn’t a one-size fits all parenting approach, I don’t offer a one-size fits all coaching package. Instead, coaching is customized to fit your unique needs and situation. During our Parenting Challenges Assessment & Strategy Session, we will discuss your options and find a solution that works best for you.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for coaching with me:
  • Your coaching path will be individualized and customized to your unique journey. You’ll receive coaching and support that meets you where you are and lays the foundation for happy, healthier kids.
  • My programs are home study and you schedule your own coaching calls. You won’t have to worry about juggling one more thing into your already busy life – you’ll choose where it naturally fits.
  • Calls are value packed but concise to be respectful of your time. I know your life is already busy and complicated – I’m not here to add to the stress, but remove some of it!


During our time together you’ll learn:

  • How you can recognize triggers and stop them in their tracks before they take over your parenting. Not today, anger!
  • How to move from a place of REACTING to your children to the enlightened place of RESPONDING to your children so you are in control of your emotions and guide your child with a level-head. No more regret, guilt, and shame!
  • The art of setting limits and boundaries without second-guessing yourself or feeling guilty. Hello parenting confidence!
  • How to get the most out of your parenting and your kids so you can all enjoy each other again. Yes, happy kids and happy life!
  • You’re not alone in your parenting struggles. Even people who look like they’ve got it all figured out face challenges. But after coaching, you’ll be ready to flip challenges on their head and look for a solution. Hello, graceful problem solver!
  • How you can work with your kids so everyone’s needs are met (including yours!). Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • And so much more! The benefits of coaching with me could make this list a mile long. Why not just see for yourself how parenting coaching will change your entire life? Scroll down to book your first session!

Who Do I Work With?

If you say yes to any of the following questions, you may be a good fit for coaching:

  • Are you doing “all the right things” and it’s not working to get the behavior you want?
  • Do you find yourself losing patience or getting angry in the blink of an eye?
  • Have your punishments or rewards gotten bigger in order to be effective?
  • Have you noticed your attempts at building your child up are actually tearing them down?
  • Are you and your spouse or other co-parents parenting differently? Is that causing confusion and chaos in your home?
  • Are you stressed about the choices your child is making?
  • Is the relationship with your child so broken that you are concerned about losing them?
Frequently asked questions

What’s the weekly time commitment?

In the first two weeks, it’s 1-2 hours for intake forms so we can dive deep into what’s holding you back from parenting the way you want, plus our hour-long call and “on the job” training. After that, it’s the weekly phone call, additional video or audio trainings, or reading I may assign to you, and “on the job” training. The trainings are assigned to you based on your specific needs. We’ll spend our time together on the phone doing coaching and/or troubleshooting, and then I’ll give you additional assignments based on your progress. Don’t worry – I know parents are really busy so I keep that in mind when I give assignments.


How do I get started?

Schedule your Parenting Challenges Assessment & Strategy Session by booking on my calendar below. After scheduling, you’ll answer a few questions that will go into detail on what your challenges and goals are. We’ll review your application to clarify your goals and challenges, and check chemistry between you and me – this is so important! If it’s a good fit, we’ll move forward.


Do you offer a free session to see if I like it?

Because the first sessions are so time intensive, and everything else we do is based on those sessions, I don’t offer a free session. Joining my closed Facebook group, Patient Parenting Community, or enrolling in my introductory course, Patient Parenting 101, will give you an idea of my communication and teaching style and will even prompt you to consider why things might not be working for you. This is also why the Challenges Assessment & Strategy Session appointment is so important.


Will you offer a refund if I’m not happy with the service?

You can’t unlearn what you’ll learn and this is a time commitment for me, so I don’t offer refunds. I am highly committed to your transformation, but I can’t do the work for you. It’s up to you to create more peace in your home following our sessions. It’s another reason the introductory appointment is so important. Plus, your financial commitment ensures you’re even more committed to transforming the relationship you have with your kids.


Will you offer refunds if I have to cancel any of my appointments?

I will accommodate reschedules with 24 hours advance notice but it would be unfair to me, my family, and other clients to be in the habit of rescheduling. If we need to extend the time commitment to accommodate travel or other emergencies, just let me know as soon as you can.


How do I book my appointments?

Following your payment, you’ll book your coaching appointments in advance. You can schedule around vacations and if you’re unsure of your future schedule, contact me to make arrangements.


Do you work with couples?

I do! If you’re interested in being coached as a couple, we can discuss it during the Challenges Assessment and Strategy Session, and I highly recommend you and your partner are both on this call. Or, you can be coached separately at my individual rates and have joint sessions as needed. For some couples, it works better to be coached separately. We’ll determine the best plan for you during your Challenges Assessment & Strategy Session.


What’s the investment?

Rates start at $150/hour. Frequency of sessions depends on your needs, but for most clients I recommend 2 sessions per month. I’ve had many clients tell me once per month isn’t enough when we’re just starting out, and I’d like you to have as much forward momentum as possible in improving your parenting. 

It’s up to you to decide how much longer you want to keep doing what you’re doing. When you’re ready to make a change by creating the family dynamic you hope for, I’m here to help. 

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to parent without all of the power struggles, tears, and tantrums, take the next step today. To learn more about what working together looks like, book your Parenting Challenges Assessment & Strategy Session below.